Dear Oh! Deer

May 13th 2018 Whilst brushcutting I came across an fawn, just as well it moved or I may have chopped it up! Sure it looks cute, as it's weak and vulnerable; also makes me realise how once it's up and about it can get through most of my wood and stick fencing. I took it away for a while and then returned it to a few feet from whence it came.
roe deer fawn
roe deer fawn

November 8th 2017 The cheek of 'em. There was an adolescent than ran through the hedge after butting the gate when I arrived around 9.30am and then a full grown legged it past me as I was chopping logs at dusk.

July 31st 2017 Deer attack again whilst in Plymouth for two days, so have surrounded beans with 25mm wire, a but quick and rough.

July 20th 2016 Although I patched up a few small gaps, there's fresh deer poo around. I've uncovered some bolting lettuce and will see if that gets eaten.

July 2016 They're back, with a vengeance, yomping through the strawberries, chard and hundred's of bean plants :( I'm too upset to show the damage):

July 2013 Wooden posts and woven brash fencing has been successful for 2 summers now.

31st May 2012 Fencing 90% sorted :) ???

11th June 2011
The deer ate through most of my leeks, some hundred or more, so this winter/spring I did do a rough fence. Still over the last few weeks most of my lettuce 20+ have been eaten along with the 90% of chard and spinach and some bean tops.

Will add to the fencing and consider electronic proximity alarm

June 2010 Just to say the deer are marauding. The day I went to town last week I returned to find they had eaten the hearts out of 7 fully grown lettuce and eaten the fruit and leaves of some 20 strawberry plants.

As if I didn't get the message on Sat 12th I went to the village to help with some computer issues, which I failed to resolve, only to find on my return that 12 perfectly good lettuce had been yomped again.

Well twice more, today 19th being the latest.

I am not keen on fencing and will have to make my presence noted some other way.

The proper action is to just be here, but 24/7/52 is not going to happen.

So the alternatives are:

  • Pee on trees to leave a 'mark'
  • Hang a few shiny items from the trees, like old CDs to annoy they
  • Place a few twigs in strategic places to make things a bit difficult in places
  • Install some infra-red sensor to enable a sound and/or visual disturbance

Well some day, anyway. :roll: