Behind the Sceanic

I set up a charitable trust, way back in 1978 as I didn't want to leave my children money but a legacy of intent. Rather than gift what assets I had and may acquire, from the rich pickings of being a western affluent, to some undeserving group or other, I thought of planting trees. Then the air would be cleaner the environment richer and all could dwell on the benefits they extol at the expense every other being of fauna and plant.

So the land is a meditation and medium that may benefit all to some degree. The degree is highly questionable and contentious. Two thirds of the land is dedicated to non-humans, although given our huge population I envisage that the otherwise, wild-land, would be managed to some degree.

The aim is to reduce consumption so that others do not have to compete, or co-operate in their endeavours to consume more. Mankind is like an insatiable sea of terrifying torment having developed an almost unfettered ability to devour and destroy anything in it's wave.

Consumption of the finite cannot lead to immortally blissful conciousness, so reducing the degree of consumption not the management of resources is the key to freedom.

The undeserving Even the trees do not deserve the water they consume,the sunshine they use to generate chlorophyll, nor the land to anchor their roots and these beings are arguably some of the least demanding.

However it is not my desire to deprive the trees of their wants, so the trust is an expression of my desire to grow food in a manner that allows the trees to gather theirs, and to shelter from greater demands.