My Bits

This map is from Nokia and seems the most recent, approx late summer 2015.

Nudity: Generally when it is warm and I am on 'my bit' I am naked, this also occurs in the winter when I am working hard enough to need constant cooling. So if you visit you may be ok with it or feel awkward.

My food and residential area

I do not venture, naked, beyond the boundary shown in yellow, except occasionally to the land immediately to the west, where I have a number of benders etc. I also tend to cover my groin and arse if I am preparing food when there are guests. The link draws attention to the proper English meaning as defined by, it does not link to a picture of my arse :)

All of the land Leo

In some 1.105 acres, bordered yellow, is the vegetable growing area. Above the vegetable beds is a caravan used as a full time office and shelter.

Image from 2011
My food and residential area

I understand that others will have different desires on how to present themselves and how they wish others to be presented to them. I will not visit other people staying on the land, naked, unless I am sure they are happy with it and then only if they are temporarily staying close.

Nakedness has two issues, a) the exposing of one's body to the general environment, i.e. the sunshine, wind and rain and b) to another person or persons. The later can be a problem for either as some people may feel embarrassed to show their body and thence should feel free to be naked without observers, and then there's the observer who may feel awkward as they are not used to see nakedness and do not know where to look or they may feel that the nakedness is sexually attractive and want to look or sexually demanding and maybe offensive as an act of flirting.

Location: Satellite image from 2016
My food and residential area