Husqvarna 445 e-series

22nd Nov 2018 First problems after nearly five years :: See comment #1

Bought a new saw on 21st Jan 2014, as the previous Husqi, a 455, was stolen from the boat. I thought a slightly lighter version would be good, due to my ageing weakening :)

A problem arose after a month, well after some couple of hours total work; the starting rope didn't recoil properly although I managed to use it a bit with a shortened pull.

I took off the recoil housing and dropped a spot of oil on the retaining bolt and noticed that the nylon pulley wasn't flush with it's mounting block; causing some friction maybe. I did get it to loosen up but the problem arose again after a few starts.

I called DS Bennett UK of Tavistock, where I bought it, and was advised to bring it in rather than take the recoil mechanism appart myself.

They had a look and couldn't see much wrong, maybe the easy start spring was a bit out of line. I took it home and it was fine the first day. I used a tank of fuel, that's some 15 min of work and all was fine, having started it quite a number of times in that period.

However after getting some more fuel on Tuesday18th evening the problem arose again first thing Wedneday morning. I spoke to Bennett's again. The view was that a new recoil unit would be ontained from Husqvarna. I asked them to call me when they receive it and I would bring the saw in then, only to be told they wanted the saw to see which parts to ask for as Husqvarna would only warantee bits they agreed on. Hmmm! a conflict of info there so I tried to contact Husqvarna.

Contacting Husqvarna wasn't pleasent. First of there was no phone number on the website. What I wanted was a response the conflicting info from Bennett's. I found the number by the usual search trick of typing in { Husqvarna UK + Tel} > 01325302302. However they were ugly useless.

I did however discover on their website that there is a two year warrantee once the product is registered by the dealer or owner. As Bennett failed to do so or inform me I was rather annoyed and registered on-line immediately.

The warrantee conditions
Will update this later as I intend to try and email Husqvarna about my concerns.

Thursday 20th I took the saw to Bennet's again. This time they are going to keep it and order a new easy-start spring; thinking that may be the problem, although their seems nothing wrong with the existing one. Apparently, one of those faults that's hard to fathom.

Tuesday 25th Called and was told they were still waiting for a part and it may take until next week !?!?

Wednesday 26th Received a call to say my saw was ready and that they had changed the whole starter unit as having tried changing the easy-start spring there was no improvement.

Thursday 27th Starter seems fine.