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Wear and tear.

After three years of (14, 19, 15) hours use the rider plate has worn through and the handle fastening thread worn.

4th July 2018 Ordered two rider cups and two springs from Power Quip, Liskeard 01579 345307 £20.38. Arrived on 10th

13th June 2018 Replacing insert and spring

Emailed Stihl

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Subject: FS460 Rider Cup/Plate
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2018 11:10:40 +0100
From: roger


I would just like to comment on my use of the FS 460 that I bought about three years ago and have used it for about 75 hours total.

2018 April - June 26T
2017 April - September 32T (24Lt)
2016 May - August 19T (14.75Lt)
2015 July - August 18T (14Lt)

1. Rider cup/plate I have just had to replace the rider cup/plate that is used with the three bladed brush cutter and the two bladed grass cutter. I was aware of the instructions to change it when the writing became hard to read but carried on and the cup/plate wore on the outer edge.

This happened over the course of a couple of hours, so it must have been very thin before I started.

The question is: Why is the edge so thin? Surely as this is the part that will make the most contact it could be made thicker. I'm wondering if the reason is that it is cheap to press out a piece of steel and disproportionately expensive to make it better by having the edge, that contacts the brush and inevitable stones, thicker.

I would add that it is used in fields to make paths. I do use a shredder blade and the strimmer head around the garden.

2. Strimmer I also have a problem in that the strimmer cable keeps breaking at the hub, so I have as much as 4 inches often thrown out and have to manually take the unit apart and rethread it. This happens every time I use it and at least twice before a full tank is used. The aluminium grommets have been replace to no avail. I have bough new strimmer cable, to no avail.

I have been told to keep the head and spare strimmer cable in water, but it doesn't seem to make much difference, if any.

I have been told it must be the way I use it.

I use the strimmer around the garden and hits up against wooden boards on raised vegetable beds. The issue I was told may be the problem is that I don't run it at full speed. I tend to slow it down frequently as I'm in a lot of small spaces. The notion is that each time I speed it up it puts strain on the strimmer cable, though I can't see how that is less than the force of cutting.

3. Body insert for handle

Please be so kind as to read page of my blog which relates to another issue I have had to resolve.

Would you please comment on the above issues, and let me know if this is the acceptable standards of the parts I've had problems with.

Thank you

Roger Lovejoy

CC to my blog

13/06/18 @ 14:15

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