Apart from broad beans, which are very standard I have developed some unique crosses and varieties of other common types, Runner Beans, Borlotti, French beans (Cobra), Dwarf French beans and Red Kidney Beans.

Runner Beans I have over the years bought a few varieties, most have red flowers and there was one that had a red top and white lower lip. One type was called Enorma and had white seeds.The more common varieties had either a purple or white background with varying amount of darker patches that ranged from speckles to large dark areas, black over the purple and brown over white.

This year I have a totally black seeded variety, although I hadn't noticed any dark pods.

four colours of runner beans

Here are the same varieties before they dry. The largest the purple ones top-right are some 3cm x 1.5cm these are the ones that turn black, or maybe that should be so dark purple.

four fresh runner beans

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