Brushcutter Diary

The brush cutter or as sold the Clearing Sawwas bought to improve access to and to cut Himalayan Balsam, other uses have become jobs in their own right: like clearing tracks through other fields, the main access track verges and centre and around the wagon, caravan and vegetable plots.


  • December 13th Brushcutter: General around caravan, 1T
  • October 27th Brushcutter at bottom of triangle filed to retrieve wood felled last year and a few of areas around growing area, 1T
  • September 24th Strimmer around caravan and along lane to Trekensa 1T
  • September 18th 2 bladed to clear up to top apple trees and clear space for a wagon or shed, some clearing around caravan1T
  • August 2nd Strimmer to clear caravan and garden, track to triangle field, and wagon 1T

  • July 31st Various blades to clear around apple trees in triangle field 1T
  • July 23rd Two bladed cutter to clear bund to Himalayan Balsam. 2T
    Noticed vibration see comment 2

  • June 20th Two bladed cutter to clear Himalayan Balsam. 1T
  • June 20th 2 bladed cutter to around apple trees, wagon and track north in the triangle field. 1T
  • June 12th 3 bladed cutter to clear to and along the bund from breach to inlet and back. 1T
  • June 12th Used strimmer head around wagon, a couple of apple trees then on to the track up to the slope north, monbretia, garden, ALP, to benders 1T
  • June 11th Used strimmer head across triangle fields 1T Had to repair before use. See
  • June 4th Used strimmer head around wagon, garden and track to Trekensa Gardens and 120m across triangle field 1T

  • May 31st Used 3 blade brushcutter to clear bund from the north. 1 tank along bund including most of inlet and 1 tank on path across the south of the far fields and across marsh to bund just south of the breach, another 2 tanks of fuel then used to clear all the way to the track by Trekensa gardens, so maybe 700-800 metres in a day, some 6 hours excluding cleaning, sharpening and other ancillary jobs. 4T
  • May 19th Used strimmer head around wagon, garden and track to Trekensa Gardens. 1T
  • May 15th Compost Field: Cleared path from gate around to the bender. 1T
  • May 14th Triangle Field: Cleared area in triangle filed for evening sun lounge area, the last 10m of the triangle field path to the far fields and two thirds of the path through the small triangle field 1T
  • May 13th Triangle Field: Cleared more past young pine by wagon, shredded around 5 more apple trees and around veggie plot surrounds. 1T
  • May 10th Triangle Field: Cleared more past young pine by wagon, shredded around 5 more apple tree and through the brambles up the slope 2T
  • May 9th Cleared around young pine by wagon. 1T
  • May 9th Cleared path north up to slope of triangle field, around the monbretia and four apple trees. 1T
  • May 9th Cleared top of the bund to the Japanese knotweed patch. 1T
  • May 8th Cleared path across the bottom on the triangle field. 1T

  • April 30th: Cleared bund to boat and north some 60m 1T
  • April 21st: Cleared areas around wagon with shredder to ease turning ability 2T
  • April 20th: Cleared areas around caravan, beds, wagon and track 2T
  • April 14th: Cleared areas around caravan, beds, 1T

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