Living 'o' the Land

Four words?

Four worlds and each with multiples universes to reside in. (On or Off?)

Living on the Land
The simple understanding may be the notion of having a home with more than just a garden and having space to be free to have bonfires with more outdoor activities and options.

Living off the Land
This is a different idea and does not denote freedom. It is a vision of some degree of self sufficiency in terms of food consumption. Where that is directly from the land as in vegetation or pseudo in raising animals on the land and consuming them is quite an issue. In the second option of using animals then people can also be used to do the growing and the land owner can just take what they have worked to grow, even if it is not their flesh.

Making a Living from the Land
A more serious view is that a person with either consume products from the land, produce animals from the land, and inevitably sell produce to earn a living. How much of a living they want to make will relate to the size, location and use of land. Arguably it doesn't have to be agriculturally based, although that would seem to be the inference.

Living: The common word.
The word living, although commonly understood to mean the continuing existence of an animal or plant from the day of independent consumption until death, from whence a newborn takes it's first breath, or a seed gets it's first taste of rain, what is clear is that it is the beginning of new consumer. A new consumer that competes for resources, and those resources, more especially in the case of animals, means the death of other plants and animals. So much so that calling it living is to put an unworthy and deceptive tone on the consumer, killing is a better word - the term often used in the stock markets when someone has make a healthy profit (I'll not go into the use of the word healthy -here) but you can see the trend to make consumerism a positive notion.

Although the words on and the each have a world of their own, in this context they refer jointly to the subjugation(on) of all(the) property, except that the mass of consumers and competition limits the notion to an area of the land that can be controlled, maintained and managed by the intent consumer. The word land is equally contextual and so the next page will develop the notion of 'Living' as 'Killing' and the more common false promotion of benign 'living'.

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