• Whole Earth

    0345 602 1519 :: 01276 609 000 :: http://wholeearthfoods.com/contact/ :: consumerservices@kallofoods.com Peanut Butter, Smooth, with salt, not Chinese, sadly though, contains palm oil OK more »
  • Suma Wholefoods

    http://www.suma.coop/ t:01422 313840 newbusiness@suma.coop t: 01422 313845 e:info@suma.coop more »
  • Greek Sultanas

    Having boycotted Turkish produce I have just found a Greek supplier for Organic Sultanas. I'll be contacting Essential and Sunita to see if they can be made available. geobres@otenet.gr more »
  • Bottles Closures

    Whereas cut cork has been the preferred option for centuries, more recently has seen the rise of screw-tops and Diam cork more »
  • Testosterone

    "And while several studies suggest testosterone levels are lower in those on a plant-based diet than in those on a meat-based one, research by the British Journal of Cancer suggests a vegan diet actually increases them."… more »
  • Kino's, Bristol

    Stokes Croft, South East corner, but not the one right on the corner. Image to follow: A low key vegan cafe that makes it's own burgers etc, just about all organic, brilliant coffee, wines and spirits after noon. 10am to 10pm. Accepts Bristol Pound. more »
  • £5 and £10 notes

    UPDATE 22 Aug 17 Since the Bank of England now uses animal fat in the new £5 and £10 notes, and the hands it innocuously passes through imply complicity, I will no longer accept BoE hard currency. Once the cash already in my possession has gone that… more »
  • Pricing & Price List

    Prices on any invoice are still subject to change. My invoices are based upon current catalogue prices, which are only printed bi-monthly. Essential Trading, Bristol have new stock delivered daily and update their prices as they arrive. So even once… more »
  • Nut Nutients

    This is data from Meridian Nut Butters Macro Nurients g/100gMicro Nutrients mg/100gNotes Nut/SeedKcalLipidsCHON Almond65055.86.525.3VitE: 24VitB2: 0.57Ca: 239P: 560Mg: 269O:S: Cashew62851.318.920.6Mn: 1.8Cu: 2P: 510Mg: 250Fe: 6.2Zn: 5.7O:… more »