Just started on making some. Initially I'm using Wood's Navy Rum as it is 57% alcohol although I intend to use Fairtrade Organic rum for the next batch.This is a first proper attempt after a casual move months ago with some old rum and ground coffee.

woganFirst get some nice beans, I have chosen are Mandheling, organic and Fairtrade from Wogan's in Bristol. These beans are not so hard and when extracted can be covered in chocolate.

Get a few bottles or containers and fill them half full with coffee beans. Using 700ml used rum bottles it takes about 125g per bottle to half fill. So 500g for £7.80 will do four 700ml bottles.

I've added half a Fairtrade, organic vanilla pod that has been split to free up the inner crystals

Wood's rum retails around £23 and can be as cheap as £19. The organic Fairtrade from Vinceremous is around £23 but is only 37.5%

bottles with coffee beansrum with coffee beans

So the two Wood's bottles have 125g beans, 350ml of rum @57% and half a vanilla pod. They are stored in the dark now and I'll shake them up a bit over the next 4 to 5 weeks.

Then I will make syrup from Fairtrade, organic rapadura sugar and add to thicken and taste. Will update the quantity then. May add more rum to finish off.

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The beans have properly absorbed the rum half an inch to be level with the rum.

02/12/17 @ 13:15

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