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25th Dec Early morning around 6am in the trap, not that presence hadn't been noticed o'er the last four weeks.
30th Nov Oops! came back to find a potato nibbled and a in the trap, probably froze as I was away for the night and forgot to close the trap. Single black bean in the wagon has been untouched.
10th Nov Awoke to hear a faint scratching at 2am, reminiscent of a mouse, but then getting up heard again and was encourage to think it was outside given the scratching hadn't stopped given the light and movement I had instigated. On hearing a few more scratchings I opened the door and after a short while heard the noise again, only to find a silly had got caught in the old broken trap I had left outside as. Ah! well off for a 'midnight walk'
9th Nov
Found in the wagon. So now I have two shelters to monitor. Sadly this poor creature must have been their for hours given the mess it made but survived, hopefully to tell the tale.
4th Nov Caught so felt OK to visit family the following day. Glad to say that when I returned, on the morning of the, the strategically placed bean was still there, indicating I hope that no mouse was on the skirmish.

09/11/17 @ 12:48

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