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22nd Nov 2018 Nearly five years but not a lot of use - still using the original chain.

Went to Bennet's to buy spark plug and fuel filter to see If I can fix recent problem of power dropping at high revs.

The last two times of use power seems to drop and the exhaust smokes.

I checked the plug and air filter to no avail and I'm wondering if my 20-30 year old outboard 2 stoke oil is clogging the carburettor, or hopefully only the fuel filter. It may be a failing pump.

The engine runs fine a tick over but is a bit difficult to start and hunts on full or high throttle so it seems like a fuel issue.

29th Nov 2018 Took chainsaw to Bennett's.

3rd Dec 2018 Collected from Bennett's Carburettor dirty and needed adjustments

4th Dec 2018 First use after carburettor cleaned and it seems like a new saw :) Called Bennett's to say that it was good.

23/11/18 @ 22:45