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Apart from being unable to find the location various couriers do not want the hassle of stony tracks. The one from Tuffnells even told me 'he wasn't allowed off tarmac and could loose his job then he wouldn't be able to feed his kids and loose the house and his wife'.

The other problem is the proliferation of loose ballast that was laid during the winter. In places it is deep and especially with the speed that couriers are in it often throws the ballast up creating a well wheels sink into. The only sure cure is to drive slowly to the extreme right of the track.

June - July 2018

  • David and family have no problem with their small vans and cars.
  • Postman is OK
  • My son has no problem with his long wheelbase VW
  • Gavin has no problem with his Ford Torneo

See comment 3 for detailed diary (July 2018)

24/07/18 @ 13:31

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