Swamp Cypress

June 2023

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May 2021
15th July 2020 Swamp Cypress looks fine and have removed wire protective fencing.

15th April 2020 Looks ok but will clear around it over the next week or two.

10th May 2018 See comment 2

22nd April 17
Swamp Cypress Cut

14th July 2016 Put a wire guard around the northern swamp cypress.

16th June 2016 The northern swamp cypress. that has been damaged, probably by deer. You can see that although the top looks a little more full and bushy, it has lost width overall due to deer having the munchies.

The southern one seems fine although not much grown, hardly surprising given it's location.

swamp cypress south

25th May 2016 They were difficult to find, given the high ground cover, especially the one to the south: which was struggling for light; as you see in the right-hand picture below. Still, each has rooted and taken to its new home.

Images: 26th May 2016
Northerly       and       Southerly
swamp cypress north       swamp cypress south
Images: 30th May 2017
Northerly       and       Southerly
swamp cypress north       swamp cypress north

24th Feb 2016 Planted the two Swamp Cypress protected by felled willow to make rough barrier. Click on image to enlarge!

swamp cyrpress north       swamp cyrpress south

12th Jan 2016 Bought two trees in 5Lt pots @£30 each from Thornhayes Nursery. Have also bought one Dawn Redwood, a similar plant from China which comes in a 10Lt pot and is £60
(Thornhayes Nursery, St. Andrews Wood, Dulford, Cullopmton, EX 15 2DF; Tel: 01884 266746)

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