Cookies and GDPR

Met Office UPDATE: Jan 4th 2023 To use Met Office weather map. The Met Office requires cookies, which cannot be set when the map is embedded in this site, so

  • I have my weather page to open another tab with the Met Office map, where the cookies can be set. This then allows the embedded map not to ask for cookies each time it is accessed.
  • POPUPS Generally I do not allow Popups but in this case the extra tab, which is created by this website, is classed as a Popup, so I had to allow Popups for
  • The final step was to close the extra tab containing the full-on Met Office map which is timed at 1 second after opening. This is not ideal as the second 'Met Office' tab will open briefly


  • ¬†This site does not collect personal data¬† that could identify you.
    An email address is only required if you register.
  • This site puts a cookie on your computer, if you have allowed cookies, that times your session use. If you have a registered account, that will be maintained for 6 hours, so you don't have to log in again.
  • The Met Office embedded weather applications also uses a cookie on my computer.
  • To check what cookies are being used on the 'Weather page'
  • To check what cookies are being used on the 'This page'

Personal Data A person's name, address, date of birth even IP address is called 'personal data' and can be used to identifying a living individual. If you have any concerns please contact me via the link in the header. Your IP address is obtainable from any server. The EU legislation considers this may be personal as it can relate to your location. This is often very vague as IP addresses are allocated from a pool each time you connect, or a connection is reset. If you have a static IP, as I do, the ISP can by law be forced to release the address etc, otherwise an IP address does not relate to your residence. Given the easy access to an IP address there is little benefit of storing this info in a cookie, and hence I would not consider it a breach of the EU's GDPR. Servers and third party websites have ample room to store such info. Whatever info they may share is beyond the visitors' say.