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Gavin's response of May 25th 2023

There is an option for someone to look after some of the land on a permanent basis that may or may not lead to them being a beneficiary. The differences are laid out and I will find links or copy the text in comments below.
The main purpose of this post id to set up the notion of becoming a beneficiary.
The steps I have in mind are
* A probationary period where job are laid out
* A years contract to test the viability for long term engagement.
* A three year contract
* A seven year contract
Example of the probationary period Oct 2022 to ??? 2023
Work that can be done in order of importance, each task will have it's own post
* Clear dilapidated shed in bottom of triangle field and use as wood shed
* Remove any branches overhanging the track
* Remove old wire fencing from boundaries of far field and the one below Trekensa and reroute it along the southern border of Trekensa
* Create paths to the middle field, south and north on the western boundary
* Ensure boundary to the west with Okel Tor is secure


Work done so far

A. Jobs relating to abouve list:

1. Helped clear shed and old bender of variouse items moved mostly to newer bender.
2. Helped Remove trees from track which had overhanging branches. This wood was stacked in cleared shed.
3. Removed a bit of wire fencing from far field, still lots to do.
4. Had a look at boundary to Okel Tor and considered ways to make more secure (there is a bit of a path through that could be fenced off in some way.

B. Other works done and ideas of jobs to undertake or continue with:

1. Cleared 3 beds in top field (not sure of name of area) and planted: russian red kale, Sweet Corn, Leeks, Lettice, Rainbow Shard.
2. Propergated 10 Sweet Chestnut trees. Gave 2 to Roger one of which we planted on his Dad’s grave. I intend to find places on the land for the rest over the coming years.
3. Moved Oak tree from near Rogers Dad’s grave to near Okel Tor boundary.
4. Cultiveted 6 pine trees, only three of which have survived. I intend to plant the remaining three on the Elf land over the upcoming years (they are currently in pots in Plymouth and can continue to grow there for now).
5. Whent down the marsh yesterday (24/5/2023) to look for Skunk Cabbage (invasive weed) and found 32 big ones and about 450 seedlings. The seedlings are all in one patch which will need clearing before they grow and seed.

C. List of expenditure: Make exl sheet

25/05/23 @ 12:30

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