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  • The Disaffected I

    Definition of disaffected in English:adjective Dissatisfied, especially with people in authority or a system of control: more »
  • Boycotts

    There are a number of nations I avoid purchasing from, religious nutters like Israel and Iran, and China with it's overbearing size and authoritarian nature, still boycotting South Africa if the vendors are 'white' e.g. Fry's I have no intention of… more »
  • Seitan from Sojade

    Bought two types, the so called grilled 'steaks' and the 'rotolo spinach', neither I would buy again. Although the later is not quite as boring, the former I shall describe as really boring to look at and tasteless. Below are two images.The first shows… more »
  • Coffee Liqueur 2

    So here I go again. This time I bought a less roasted coffee and had it ground for a cafettire. I bought 500g of 100% Arabic grown in the Ocotepeque region of Honduras, by the Cocafelol Co-operative I poured about quarter to a third in a 700ml bottle… more »
  • Coffee Liqueur

    (22 Aug 18) UPDATE See highly successful second attempt (28 Nov 17) started with Wood's Navy Rum as it is 57% alcohol although I intend to use Fairtrade Organic rum for the next batch. This is a first proper attempt after a test months ago with rum and… more »
  • Thompson raisins

    June 2018 batch were unusual in that they were large and had a distinctive flavour, however I didn't notice until I opened then some 6 weeks after purchase and have just contacted Essential to find out if it was a mistake in packaging. more »
  • miso and tamari

    Light Rice Koji This is the strain to get if you plan to make short term sweet misos, amazake and/or sake. Sweet misos are misos which don’t ferment for very long (from 2 weeks to two months) with a relatively low percentage of salt. This strain has… more »
  • Green Origin Cocao

    This was a substitute by Essential. I had ordered a raw, Fair trade product (The Raw Chocolate Co / Raw Cacao Powder). There are a few problems as to why it was a poor substitute and why not to buy it. a) It is not raw b) it is not Fair Trade c) It is… more »
  • Equal Exchange

    https://www.equalexchange.co.uk/ For FairTrade Peanut Butter T: 0345 258 5331 Called and they confirmed the smooth has been discontinued due to lack of sales. more »