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(22 Aug 18) UPDATE See highly successful second attempt
(28 Nov 17) started with Wood's Navy Rum as it is 57% alcohol although I intend to use Fairtrade Organic rum for the next batch. This is a first proper attempt after a test months ago with rum and ground coffee.

Some nice beans: I have chosen Mandheling, organic and Fairtrade from Wogan's in Bristol. These beans are not so solid and when removed can be covered in chocolate.

Fill 700cl bottles half full with coffee beans. 700ml rum bottles takes about 125g per bottle to half fill; so 500g will do four 700ml bottles for £7.80.

I've added half a Fairtrade, organic vanilla pod that has been split to free up the inner crystals.

Wood's rum retails around £23 and can be as cheap as £19. The organic Fairtrade from Vinceremos is around £23 but is only 37.5%.

bottles with coffee beansrum with coffee beans

So the two Wood's bottles have 125g beans, 350ml of rum @57% and half a vanilla pod. They are stored in the dark now and I'll shake them up a bit over the next 4 to 5 weeks.

Then I will make syrup from Fairtrade, organic rapadura sugar and add to thicken and taste. Will update the quantity then. May add more rum to finish off.

(16 Dec 17) Beans finally sank so have decanted, but only got 250ml max of rum from 375ml. Have added 'syrup' and rapadura and topped up with Pusser's rum so have 500ml of sweet 30% rum. As for the coffee ?? Tastes burnt and a bit bitter to me, so will try something dif next time, but still have another of these to decant. The only good news is that is was easy to decant the other bad news noted is the loss of rum.
bottles with coffee beans

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14th Dec: Bottles shaken up, beans still technically afloat. Rum still clear.
Cost per bottle, so far, is about £14.50
2nd Dec: The beans have properly absorbed the rum half an inch to be level with the rum.

02/12/17 @ 13:15
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Other similar methods

14/12/17 @ 15:48
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The rum
Well I was very disappointed with the result, very smokey, tastes more like burnt something. Gavin and I thought it soi horrible neither of us could drink it, and we drink just about anything apart from wheat beer and whiskey, me moreso than Gavin. However six females who tried it all liked it, so something's going on.

Have covered some of the extracted beans with chocolate, so will find someone to try it: as I have no teeth.
Will try and grind some of the beans and make a cup of rum coffee.

Update 18th Dec 2107
Took a bottle to Bristol for Olivia and both she and her mum said it was OK ?? I thought it was pretty rough.

Update 28th Dec 2107
After soaking for another week and more took the other bottle to Michal. This was stronger having only rapadura added.

Update 4th Jan 2108
The beans are very tough having absorbed the rum and I've spat them out of the chocolate. Other beans from the rum have been ground and some nice coffee has come from that.

23/12/17 @ 18:38
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So here I go again. This time I bought a less roasted coffee and had it ground for a cafettire.

I bought 500g of 100% Arabic grown in the Ocotepeque region of Honduras, by the Cocafelol Co-operative

I poured about quarter to a third in a 700ml bottle and topped it up with white rum from Paraquay

I only let it sit, with a few shakes for 4 to 5, at .most six hours and decanted. The decant left me with some 400ml plus which I put in a 500ml bottle and then topped that with Rapadura sugar and a little vanilla essence.

So the liquer is around 32% alcohol max and tastes like it. Very drinkable. Started in the late afternoon, drinking by 9pm

The four ingredients, Rum, Sugar, Coffee and Vanilla are all FairTrade and Organic

23/08/18 @ 09:35

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