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The newest crazy idea promoted by the BBC of using Basalt Rock

Taking some figures

  1. Weight of rock to remove 1 ton of CO2 .. 4 Tons
  2. CO2 emission per person in UK .. 7 Tons
  3. Number of people in UK .. 70 Million
  4. Amount required per year is 4 x 7 x 70,000,000 = 1,960,000,000Tons

So one person would require 7 x 4 or 28 tons.
25,000 Kilos, for a 65Kg person that eats1Kg food a day

And this has to be spread thinly over the land.

Land available is 241,930 Km2

1960000000 divided by 241930 = 8102 or 81Tons per Km2 or .8Ton per hectare ?? every year, and of course lets not talk about digging it out, crushing it and moving it and spreading it and the fuel and machinery and man hours used to do that.

21/05/23 @ 04:22

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