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14th August: 8Lt water. The three leaf twigs seem better so maybe it was a lack of water. It has also rained quite a lot since mid July. However most of the main stem seems dead and will cut it back bit by bit. :(
18th July: 8Lt water; still three leaf twigs.
11th July: 10Lt water; three leaf twigs.
Searched for possible problems with dying tree, mulching seems to be the general danger. Mulching could also then have killed off the cherry tree, whereas intense nutrition poisoning would explain others in the past.

Spoke to nursery and was advised not to dig it up and move it. Cleared mulch from around the trunk, mulch was only 4" deep. Watered with 10 Lt. Pruned dead branches (twigs) including top 12 inches which were dead. Other twigs still show green below cambium layer.

Two twigs low down still have leaves, so could be drying out, though unlikely.

Will check every few days for now

11/07/16 @ 15:53

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